• Technical Museum Masterplan
  • Technical Museum Masterplan
  • Technical Museum Masterplan
  • Technical Museum Masterplan
  • Technical Museum Masterplan

Technical Museum Masterplan

85.000 sqm



The main concept of the new development is to design a contemporary state-of-the-art building massing which utilizes its great location creatively to establish a fresh approach for a museum of technology.

Location and its approach:
The location with its attributes makes a perfect connection between Moscow and Mytishchi on road by public transportation and car as well as by rail and on foot.The site is located 20 km from central Moscow which requires a journey time of 25-30 minutes by car. It is also possible to reach our site by shuttle buses from Babushinskaya and Medvedkovo metro station and from Sheremetevo airport as well. With a 30 minutes journey by train we can get to Mytishchi central railway station which has provided the opportunity to create a private railline for the museum. This gives the possibility to set up a shuttle train / tram access to the site enhancing its exposure and providing a unique experience for visitors.

The building site is located right next to the river Yauza by the Mytishchi city park. A route via the park and a brand new footbridge on the river makes the approach easy for pedestrians, while creating a scenic promenade. This also links the site of our new development to the main circulation of the city via the main park axis.

Function and form:
The main function of the new development is Museum of Technology, which involves an entrance building, exhibition hall (split into various construction phases), outdoor exhibition area and event zone with a unique demonstration road, a turntable for trains which would be a spectacular attraction of the external space. The exhibited items would be railway and vehicular related but the exhibition would contain sport cars, agricultural- and armored vehicles and aircrafts as well. The hall area would involve a workshop unit providing facilities for private people to get their car refurbished and re-designed. They would also have possibility to get private projects supported and private cars showcased for the public or participate on auctions.

To enhance the site area we have designed 3 tower units adjacent to the main museum building. They would incorporate a hotel, offices and residential components. The peculiar triangle shape of the site gives us the chance to place the towers in the 3 corners which spreads our development throughout and gives defined directions within the site. This exciting massing would create a new skyline by enhancing the importance of Mitischi district. The most characteristic unit would be the entrance building.

The main form is generated by an ortoghonal projection of the site and by various motives of typical Russian vehicles (airplanes, cars and amphibious vehicles). This resulted in a dynamic, graceful and spacious massing which would remind visitors of a creature which is just about to take-off.